Nikolaos Fragkiadakis

Software Developer / IT Instructor

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce myself.

I am Nikolas, the only child of Manolis and Katerina. I grew up in Sitia, a small town in Crete.

I am quite sociable as a person and open to learn and try new things. I always try to make use of the experience and knowledge acquired through life and develop as a personality.

My hobbies are reading, writing, photography, walking, hiking, swimming, tasting good food and cooking. I adore fitness and soccer.

At the age of eighteen, I moved to Larisa, where I began my studies in computer science & telecommunications. From the beginning of my courses I realized that I really liked programming and that this profession suits me. Therefore, I began experimenting and trying to solve challenging problems.

As a student, I had the opportunity to study and experiment with a wide variety of topics in various fields, understand the basic notions of programming, gain valuable knowledge and most importantly implement them into practice. I tried to write my own piece of code, which didn’t “run” at first. I made a lot of mistakes, so that I could find my own way in learning. It was a way to figure out what I like in programming and in which field I am creative and efficient.

While studying, in 2008, I attended a seminar, through which I specialized in web development and web design. In this field, I drew up my thesis, which had as subject “The development of an electronic scientific magazine for computer science students”. On the same field I also did my internship, a six-month practice, at a company that hired me as a web developer and designer.

I really love designing a database from scratch as well as the software which will use this data. Of course, I am keen on designing and developing websites and applications for the web. In the future, I hope I will be able to deal with data mining, with applications for smartphones, and excel my skills in web development.

I dream of myself struggling every day to acquire new experiences and knowledge and never stop helping my fellow humans to make their daily lives easier and simpler. I just love to see people around me smiling.

Being enthusiastic, creative and motivated to work hard, I believe I will be able to manage even the most demanding project.

My aim is to become one of the leading Software Developers.

Nikolaos Fragkiadakis.


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