Nikolaos Fragkiadakis

Software Developer. IT Instructor.


Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself. I’m Nikolaos, the only child of Manolis and Katerina. I grew up in Sitia, a small town in Crete. I’m quite sociable as a person and open to learn and try new things. I always try to make use of the experience and knowledge acquired through life and develop as a personality.

At the age of eighteen, I moved to Larissa, where I began my studies in computer science & telecommunications. In the field of web development, I drew up my thesis, and I also did my internship.

As a professional I deal with mobile development, web development and IT education.

Being enthusiastic, creative and motivated to work hard, I would not hesitate to struggle even with the most demanding project.


Mobile Development

Experience with XML, Java, JSON, SQLite, familiar with Kotlin.

Web Development

Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Content Management Systems [Joomla!, WordPress], familiar with PHP.

Software Development

Experience with Java, familiar with C, C++, C#, Python, Kotlin.

IT Education

Experience with Problem analysis, algorithms, programming fundamentals, object-oriented programming, data structures, computer networks, Content Management Systems [Joomla!, WordPress], web development [HTML, CSS, JavaScript], image editing & composing [Photoshop], European Computer Driving License [MS Word, MS Excel, MS Windows, Internet], training on issues of computer use.


Robotics & STEM

Teaching elementary and high school students in order to familiarize with new technologies and learn the basic notions of robotic constructions and programming fundamentals. Building scientific workshops using STEM/STEAM methodology in order to help students to have a deeper understanding of traditional scientific knowledge

  • lego_wedo_2.0

  • lego_mindstorms_ev3

  • scratch

  • science

  • technology

  • engineering

  • art

  • mathematics


Teaching senior high school students in order to get prepared for their Panhellenic school exams in informatics courses.

  • problem_analysis

  • algorithms

  • programming_fundamentals

  • object_oriented_programming

  • data_structures

  • computer_networks


Favorite Pet

android svg logo.

Movie Rama

The "Movie Rama" app is a small movie repository where users can check the current popular movies list, search for movies of their interest by title and view a movie's detailed information.